Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Film

Integrity Auto Glass utilizes SunTek films which are designed to address the diverse needs of commercial properties, tested for performance, and backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Our solar films yield significant returns, helping to cut energy expenses while also increasing occupant comfort and productivity. Temperatures, screen glare, and exterior building appearance are all enhanced with professional solar film installation.

Security films combine solar benefits with added protection from break-ins, severe weather and terrorism. With a wide range of styles, they can enhance the look of any property. Our security selection also includes an anti-graffiti film formulated for scratch-resistance and residue-free removal, to thwart vandals attempting to damage a building's exterior.

Solar Films

Our solar window films improve quality of life for tenants and help enhance property value, in many ways. They offer relief from excessive sun exposure, block 99% of damaging UV rays, control glare for better productivity, help protect furnishings from fading and help lower energy costs.

Security Films

Our security films are stringently tested according to the highest government and commercial standards, ensuring an optimal level of protection without compromising aesthetics. They can withstand hurricane-force winds, explosive pressure, vandalism and large and small high-velocity debris. This commitment to performance is the reason they’ve been installed on prestigious buildings, including New York’s Grand Central Station and the U.S. Senate Offices in Washington, D.C.

Specialty Films

Specialty films open up new design solutions and creativity. They can transform standard glass into an architectural feature, without the expense of custom glass. They can soften and filter light. They can turn what was once an open, airy boutique into a private oasis for spa services. Or they can darken a room to transform it into a video editing studio.